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Gopher Pest Control CT

Gopher Pest Control CT

Gopher Trapping

For an experienced Connecticut Gopher trapper call 860-510-6313 or Contact.

Gopher pest Control service is not needed in CT. We do not have a native gopher population in our state. People in CT who are looking to get rid of gophers in Connecticut are usually confusing gophers with woodchucks. I also remove woodchucks for people so still call or click on my animal control site. Woodchucks are also called groundhogs or whistle pigs. The movie caddy shack is to blame for this confusion between gophers and woodchucks. Bill Murrays Gopher pest control service is a bit more sensational than the mole, skunk, and woodchuck pest control I provide. I will not blow up your lawn, though people have requested this service before. The caddy shack gopher looks more like a woodchuck even it's size is correct. For an Gopher extermination and gopher trapping you are in the wrong state, for services other than gopher extermination give me a call.

Bill Murray Gopher pest control,  Caddyshack

Bill Murray Gopher pest control, Caddyshack

Gopher exterminator

Gopher pest control

Gopher trapping and removal ct

This is a pocket gopher. We do not have these in CT. I know out west Gopher pest control and gopher exterminators keep busy getting rid of gophers.

Gopher extermination except this is a woodchuck

Gopher pest control CT

Woodchucks aka groundhogs aka whistle pigs are the most common animal causing me to receive a call for gopher pest control service. I do trap these check out one of my other websites here. No gopher extermination info on that site but plenty of other pics and info on CT wildlife problems.

Gopher trapping CT

Gopher extermination service CT

Skunks are rarely confused by someone looking to get rid of gophers, but occasionally the dens skunks dig are confused for gopher holes. Not a gopher trapping situation, but here is a page on skunk control.

Gopher pest extermination

how to get rid of gophers in Connecticut.

Opossum are also sometimes confused by people looking for gopher extermination.

Gopher extermination

Gopher extermination process

Depending on the real animal you are having an issue with in Connecticut, the gopher pest control service is different. Woodchucks and skunks can usually be removed with a special double door trap over the hole previously thought to be occupied by a pesky gopher. Gopher extermination is not needed, but opossum are caught using a baited cage trap.

Gopher Trapping CT

You work hard to maintain a beautiful lawn and garden, don't let Gophers destroy your efforts! We provide gopher trapping  service and have a proven track record gopher exterminator in Connecticut. We are zero for zero in Connecticut gopher extermination and gopher pest control.

Gopher trapping is the most effective way to rid your yard of gophers

It is debatable if Trapping Gophers is the most effective method. I have heard from professionals who have gopher pest control services out west say baits are very effective. Environmentally traps are the way to go since Gopher is on the menu for all predators in our western states, and the baits will kill the animals who eat the gophers as well.

Connecticut Gopher extermination service area

For gopher pest control service in CT  give us a call at 860-510-6313 quotes are always free. Gopher extermination is not needed here, but I can usually determine what Connecticut animal is causing the damage from the initial phone call and never charge until traps are in place Most of my Mole traps go underground and are marked with small flags. Children and pets are safe from these types of traps unless they dig them up.  for mole extermination and other wildlife services.