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Getting Rid of Moles

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Moles can destroy a beautiful  lawn almost overnight. Connecticut is home to the Eastern mole pictured above, and the star-nosed mole in slide below. Eastern mole is the most common mole exterminated in our state. The Eastern mole spends most of its life underground. During and after rain storms these moles are very active repairing tunnels and searching for food. Moles eat insects only and unlike popular belief their diet is mostly earth worms not grubs. Moles will retreat to deeper borough systems during times of drought, while raising young, and during the winter months when the ground is frozen solid. Keep an eye out in winter if the ground is not frozen, moles do not hibernate. I do mole control in the winter if conditions are right. Getting rid of moles during winter is a good idea before they give birth near spring.  Mole extermination using traps is the best way to deal with them.  Moles are territorial and our Connecticut lawns average between one and four moles at a time. Mole pest control is my favorite wildlife control activity.

A mole control problem can develop seemingly overnight and cause significant damage to your landscape.

Moles have litters of up to six pups and when they become adults, they will create their  own tunnel network at speeds of 15-20 feet per hour depending on soil conditions.

Nothing can be done to prevent moles from entering your yard. The only effective thing that can be done is to trap the moles yourself, ignore the problem, or hire a local Connecticut mole exterminator. 


Most Effective Mole Extermination Method

Mole Extermination Methods and Myths

Mole control CT

You have likely tried to control the moles yourself and failed if you are reading this. You are not alone yard mole control is not as easy as setting a mouse trap with a bit of peanut butter on it. Many myths and dishonest advertising in the mole pest control industry. I will go through a short list of the most common mole extermination and mole pest control myths I have seen tried.

1: Sonic and vibrating stakes. These I see often and many times help when trapping. The theory on these is the vibration or sound they give off will frighten moles. What I find is the vibration may work to scare the insects moles live on into their tunnels. Traps seem to be very effective near these devices. As a mole exterminator I always place a trap near these devises. I imagine the good reviews are from customers who put them out just before the animals went to deeper tunnels like in the heat of summer when rain is scarce.

2: Poison Gummy worms. These you can find in many hardware stores for mole control the theory is you put them in the mole tunnels and the mole eats them and dies. The problem is if the mole does not like them they are likely to push it out of the tunnel where birds, pets and children can find and eat them. I am called to trap moles after the poison method failed often. 

3: Grub Control: I don't know if it was a brilliant marketing plan by grub control companies or what? This is the most common failed mole control method I go behind. Moles mostly eat earth worms but most people have been convinced moles live off of grubs, control the grubs you control the moles.  Never have I heard a success story with this method. Temporary at best probably due to the taste of the grub poison.  After a rainstorm or two the yard Moles will be back.

     The most effective method to exterminate moles is by mole trapping.  For mole trapping to be effective you need to understand their behavior. You also need effective traps and know how to tune and set the traps effectively. One of my yearly customers calls it an art form after he tried and failed using every method of mole pest control known to man yet failed.  Most of the new spear type traps need a lot of work done to them to get them to work properly, and even then if soil conditions are not right for the trap you will not trap a single mole. Hire a professional mole extermination service in CT give us a call. We also provide wildlife control services.

Eastern Mole

Eastern mole exterminated in Connecticut. Trapped using a underground mole trap.

 This mole was exterminated from a lawn in Connecticut is an Eastern Mole. Eastern Moles are the most common mole exterminators deal with in Connecticut during mole extermination working as mole control specialist.

Star-Nosed mole

Star-nosed mole exterminated from Connecticut lawn.

The star-nosed mole is another mole trapped in Connecticut. Star-nosed moles need a high water table and typically swim through their tunnels.  I get most of my Star-nosed mole extermination jobs in early spring and fall, Connecticuts rainy seasons. 

Live Mole

Video of a mole digging into a bucket full of dirt. Shows how fast a mole can dig. Mole was caught in a trap as I was checking a mole trapping Job in Connecticut.

Hairy-tailed mole Extermination

Hairy-tailed mole (brewer's mole) exterminator. These two shown were caught in Wolcott CT

Hairy-tailed-mole (brewer's mole)

Hairy-tailed mole (Parascalops breweri), is also known as Brewer's mole, is a medium-sized North American mole of the genus Parascalops

Range and Habitat

The range is from Southeastern Canada throughout most of the north eastern U.S. to Ohio and North Carolina. In Connecticut they are found northern East hampton, slightly south of Middletown, splitting the town of Durham and wallingford if you made a line through the state see map here

Don't fall for the quick Mole Control solutions

One Month of mole control with a guarantee is bogus

Sounds good doesn't it? Call and pay a flat fee for a month of mole pest control service and your yards mole problem is gone.  What are they actually charging you for, a time slot? What does this month of mole control service include? What happens if in two months another mole is discovered in your yard? Moles are unpredictable, they do not follow our time schedules. You see mole activity today, yet when the mole extermination service you hired comes out  the moles have gone away on their own.  You have just paid for a month of service and have gotten zero return on investment. I will charge a flat  Yearly Fee, and per animal removed during my mole control service.  My yearly fee is less than what they charge for one month. If you hire me, you spot another mole months later a simple call  and I return usually same or next day to set traps. You only pay for the new yard moles who invaded your yard. You pay for actual mole control service not a time slot. Give us a call for your mole extermination needs.

mole exterminator CT
Mole control

mole exterminator CT Mole control

Mole Exterminating Service Area

Map of Connecticut counties for mole extermination service area

Connecticut mole control area of service

Service area for Connecticut mole extermination that I provide includes All of Middlesex, parts of New Haven, Hartford, Tolland, Windham and New London Counties. The everywhere mole pest control service for CT.

Connecticut service area

We provide mole extermination service mole pest control in the following counties and towns. Hire a mole trapper call 860-510-6313 

Middlesex County: Old Saybrook, Westbrook, Clinton, Essex, Deep River, Killingworth, Chester, Haddam, East Haddam, Durham, Middlefield, Middletown, East Hampton, Portland, Cromwell.

New Haven County: Madison, Guilford, Branford, North Branford, East Haven, North Haven, West Haven, New Haven, Hamden, Cheshire, Wallingford, Meriden, Wolcott, Woodbridge, Orange, Ansonia, Derby, Seymour, Bethany, Prospect.

Hartford County: Berlin, Southington, Plainville, New Britain, Newington, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, Glastonbury, East Hartford, Manchester, South Windsor, Windsor Locks, Farmington, East Windsor, Marlborough.

Tolland County: Vernon, Bolton, Andover, Columbia, Hebron.

New London County: Old Lyme, Lyme, East Lyme, Waterford, New London, Groton, Ledyard, Preston, Colchester, Salem, Montville, Norwich, Bozrah, Franklin, Sprague, Lebanon, Lisbon.

Windham County: Windham, Scotland, Canterbury, Chaplin, Hampton.

Bat removal is another service we provide.

Mole fun facts

Moles do not hibernate, during warm spells moles may be exterminated during winter months. Any time you see damage is a good time to hire us  for your mole extermination in CT needs. hire a mole pest control service before the moles multiply.

Moles can tunnel rapidly nearly one hundred feet in a single night depending on soil conditions and amount of food available.

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