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Southington Mole Trapping

Contact us for Southington mole trapper service 860-510-6313. Southington  is home to both Connecticut mole species I exterminate. The most common mole trapping service we provide in Southington is for Eastern mole (common mole).  Lake Compounce is partly in Southington, and Bristol. Mole Trapping on Lake road in Southington I have provided mole extermination  service for star-nosed moles. Many of the Southington side streets off of RT10 main St I have provided mole Trapping for Eastern yard moles . Plantsville is one of the most common pest control destination as a mole trapper in town. Marion north of Cheshire is also a hot spot for mole extermination jobs in town. Mole trapping in Southington is  a little more common than Bat removal for me. 

Some people in town mistake groundhogs, gophers, and woodchucks for moles.  I also trap woodchucks in Southington, but it is a different  trap used.  When mole trapping I usually do not find holes in the tunnel system only when mice or voles are using the mole tunnel also. 

 I only use traps to exterminate moles in Southington.  Mole poisons are not very effective and you never know if they actually exterminated the moles  or if they moved into deeper tunnels. Trapping moles in Southington is the most effective way to rid your yard of moles. During a typical mole trapping service in Southington I average one to four moles removed in a typical yard.  Moles are territorial  except during breeding season and until young are fully weened. Get ahold of a mole exterminator prior to the young being weened.

My Southington mole trapping program is priced differently than most other pest control companies who have mole Extermination as a service. Most other pest control services charge a flat rate for a month of trapping.  I charge a one time setup and maintenance fee and then per animal fee. The setup fee is good for the year and is half or less what  most pest control companies charge for a month. Example, if I come out and trap two moles I will charge the setup fee plus the two moles removed. If you notice more Mole damage two months later I will only charge only for the animals removed. This mole trapping system works best for everyone. You only pay for mole removal, and I am not charging what other companies charge for another month of mole trapping service to exterminate one mole. 

Southington Moles have a few dispersal periods during the year.  Spring during the rains moles will move around and you may get new moles into your yard.  Some homes in Southington mole extermination multiple times a year.  Others I only trap one time and the moles are gone.  For the past few years I am at most of my mole exterminating services in Southington at least twice a year.  This is why I do not charge monthly for Southington mole trapping services  it does not work with the mole biology and habits unless it is a drought year.  If you need a mole exterminator Southington give us a call 860-510-6313 price quotes are always free of charge for mole extermination.

Mole Removal Wallingford

Mole Trapping is the only truly effective way for mole removal in Southington yards. Click on the button below to learn more about mole trapping and my mole trapping service in Wallingford.

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