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About Us

ABout ME

My Name is Rich Fuller I have a passion for solving wildlife Problems. Exterminating Moles is one of my favorite jobs.  It is something I have learned to excel at allover Connecticut. When hired I am dedicated to finishing the Mole Trapping job no matter how long it takes. I am former US Army SSG with MOS's 11B, 95B, and 95C. I was one of the first Helmets to Hardhats soldier in the state when I joined the carpentry union. My Real love is for Wildlife and in 2010 I started Nuisance Wildlife Control under the name of RF Wildlife. After a few months of part time wildlife control I was so busy I quit my carpentry job, and never looked back. I typically work 7 days a week now and love it. My favorite is Moles but I trap and remove everything from Raccoons, skunks and squirrels. Also do full exclusions for bats and flying squirrels. 

RF Wildlife

RF Wildlife is a Nuisance Wildlife Control Service. Located In Old Saybrook. Main Website for services besides moles is here or my other website that has more content and pictures Service area for moles is much of the state. When you call you talk to the owner and operator that will be doing the job. My name rides on every job I do.