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Guilford Mole Trapping Service

Guilford Mole trapping service

Guilford mole trapping

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Moles are notorious lawn damaging pests that are capable of destroying a healthy yard in only a matter of days. Just 1 mole can dig 20ft+ of tunneling in a day! RF Wildlife mole exterminator experts are here to help. With our many years of experience of mole trapping in Guilford, Connecticut we are proud to offer effective solutions that work. Whether you have a large mole infestation or you have just noticed some damage in the last few days, give us a call to get rid of your moles!

mole extermination Guilford CT

mole extermination Guilford CT

Guilford mole exterminator

Guilford mole extermination process

We start the mole trapping process by locating the most active tunnels and setting up traps. Mole trapping & removal can be a timely process. Generally speaking the mole trapping process can take anywhere between 7-30 days to complete, depending on the number of moles. No matter the situation we care about helping our clients achieve a mole-free lawn so your family can walk around the yard without having to worry about sinking their foot in a mole tunnel and twisting their ankle!  So call our Guilford mole exterminator, or continue reading our website  to better understand your mole issues! 

Mole Trapping Guilford CT

You work hard to maintain a beautiful lawn and garden, don't let moles destroy your efforts! Every waking moment of a mole's life is spent hunting  insects for  food. A handful of moles have the ability  to destroy a lawn with their constant burrowing and unending appetite. We provide Guilford mole trapping  service and have a proven track record as a mole exterminator in Connecticut.

Mole Trapping is the most effective way to rid your yard of moles

Your Guilford mole exterminator will customize a trapping program for your property using specially designed traps. Mole trapping is the most effective method of quickly removing moles from your property. Trapping success is highly dependent on the trapper's knowledge of mole habits. Moles often abandon burrows and tunnel systems making it hard to determine which tunnels are active and where you should place your traps. 

1-4 Moles per yard on average in Connecticut

Moles are diggers.  Many people in Connecticut believe that there is a mole in every tunnel they see, but  it’s probably just a couple of moles wreaking havoc on your lawn or garden.  Moles can dig about 20ft per hour and they can tunnel over 100+ feet a day, depending upon soil conditions.  Moles typically make two types of tunnels, feeding and travel tunnels.  Keep in mind their digging is for insects, but the side effect is  they tend to dig up and around the roots of your plants and grass and hence the destruction you are seeing.  I only use traps for Guilford mole extermination.  Mole poisons are not very effective and you never know if they actually worked  unlike mole trapping where you have the mole in possesion.  Trapping moles is the most effective way to rid your yard of these pests.  Hiring an experienced Guilford mole exterminator is key to regaining control of your landscape. Most Guilford CT lawns average  one to four moles.  Moles are territorial  except during mating season and until baby moles are grown enough to live on their own accord. 

Guilford and surrounding service area

For mole Trapping service in Guilford  give us a call at 860-510-6313 quotes are always free.  As a Guilford mole exterminator I can usually determine if it is mole damage from the initial phone call and never charge until traps are put in the ground. Most of my Mole traps go underground and are marked with small flags. Children and pets are safe from these types of traps unless they dig them up. I also service Madison, Killingworth both north Branford, Branford and Durham for mole extermination and other wildlife services.