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Cheshire mole exterminator

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Moles are grey rodents that burrow in your Lawn and create unsightly as well as potential tripping hazards. The dirt and rocks they push to the surface can destroy Lawnmower blades. Only about five or six inches long, moles small size may make you underestimate their destructiveness. Taking advantage of the nutrients and water that you apply to your lawn, moles feed on insects that well taken care of yards attract. Moles eat mostly beneficial earthworms, grubs are a treat. Treating your Cheshire lawn for grubs will have little effect on the moles. Moles with powerful forepaws, can dig tunnels at a speed of as much as 16 feet in a single hour or faster depending on soil conditions. Call a Cheshire mole exterminator we are the mole trapper service you need.

Cheshire mole extermination. Mole trapped in underground mole tunnel Cheshire CT

Cheshire mole extermination. Mole trapped in underground mole tunnel Cheshire CT

Cheshire Mole Exterminator

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During the summer heat or winter freeze, moles prefer deeper tunnels. Cheshire mole trapping is conducted mostly in spring and fall, because moles are typically more active after rain. To confirm you have a yard mole problem, keep your grass cut low in order to easily see new tunnels.

Of course, the best way to find out if you have moles, groundhogs or some other critter is to call in a professional. Just missing a couple of moles, mole tunnels or something else, can cause a new or larger infestation. It takes a professional Cheshire mole exterminator to spot all of the locations where moles are hiding and provide the correct trap placement to get rid of moles in your yard.

Sometimes the problem reaches a point where mole extermination should take place. If you think a mole is on your lawn contact a Cheshire mole trapper for control. We will get rid of your mole problem so you can feel at peace on your property.

Topography of Cheshire for mole trapper

 Cheshire consists of  hills and valleys created by glaciers during the last Ice Age. The town of Cheshire is located in New Haven County in the Central Naugatuck Valley. Cheshire was part of Wallingford and known as North Farms. In 1780 Cheshire Separated from Wallingford and incorporated as its own town. Cheshire was a  farming community, Cheshire mole exterminator is busy trapping moles in the lush farm soils of the town. After WWII Cheshire became more industrialized. Cheshire still has a very active agricultural history and is called the "Bedding Plant Capital of Connecticut."  As a Cheshire mole exterminator I can attest that many of the moles I catch as a mole trapper are on the larger size for Connecticut moles. I am betting the size of these animals has a lot to do with the old farm soil.

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Cheshire is home to nearly 30,000 residents not including the two prisons. Many of the permanent and residents call me to exterminate moles in Cheshire CT. For help saving your yard call a mole trapper. Expirienced mole exterminator at your service 860-510-6313. Bats and raccoons are a very common pest I deal with in town. Connecticut's 2nd worst air disaster took place over Cheshire on January 18, 1946, an Eastern Airlines DC-3 crashed in town. The crash occurred near Wolf Hill Road and Copper Valley Court, the land  is a country club today. All seventeen people aboard the aircraft lost their lives . 

Mole Exterminator Service Cheshire Connecticut (CT)

For mole exterminator service in Cheshire give us a call at 860-510-6313 quotes are always free.  I can usually determine if you truly need a mole trapper from the initial phone call and never charge until traps are placed in your lawn. Nearly all of my Mole traps go underground and are marked with small green flags that have my phone number. Children and pets are safe from these types of traps unless they dig them up.