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Glastonbury Mole Trapping Service

Glastonbury Mole Trapping Service

Glastonbury mole trapping

For mole trapping  service in Glastonbury CT call: 860-510-6313

RF Wildlife is a local  Glastonbury mole trapper born and raised in  CT. Besides Glastonbury mole exterminator service we also serve surrounding towns including Rocky Hill mole extermination, Wethersfield mole trapper, Manchester CT, East Hartford, Marlborough, Hebron, Bolton, Cromwell, East Hampton and Portland Connecticut. Bat Removal and Exclusion Service is another service provided.  Give us a call for a Free price quote on Glastonbury mole trapping service.

Glastonbury mole trapping service

Glastonbury mole trapping service

Glastonbury Mole Trapper

Glastonbury history and surrounding towns

Glastonbury is located in southern Hartford County. North of Marlborough which is the southern most town in Hartford County.   Glastonbury town has a total area of 52.2 square miles.  The town begins on the banks of the Connecticut river and extends up into foothills.  Some major developments in the town are  Minnechaug Mountain,  a residential area developed from the 1970s until 1998 or so. Part of Glastonbury resides in an area called Kongscut Mountain, locally called Rattlesnake Mountain, because it has a small population of timber rattlesnakes. I have not been called to Exterminate the area for snake removal. I am often called for Glastonbury Mole trapping. We are a local mole trapper based out of Old Saybrook CT.  I am a mole Exterminator who grew up in the area. 

Toppography of Glastonbury for moles

 Glastonbury is home to both species of Connecticut moles. Near the Connecticut river and Glastonbury lowlands it is not uncommon for me to Exterminate moles of the star-nosed variety.  I am the Glastonbury Mole trapper in areas like rattlesnake mountain.  In Glastonbury Mole trapping  eastern moles is the most common moles trapped. Don't confuse Glastonbury groundhogs with moles. I also am a groundhog trapper in Glastonbury.

Glastonbury Demographics

Glastonbury is home to nearly 34,500 residents.  The major highway in Glastonbury is Connecticut rout 2, with six exits into town. Many of the  residents call me the Glastonbury Mole trapper .  Bats and Woodchucks are also very common pest I deal with in Glastonbury. The residents of town call Exterminator first thing when they find mole damage to their properties. 

Brief History Of Glastonbury

 During the Revolutionary war, Glassenbury CT was home to Stocking’s gunpowder factory, one of few gunpowder factories supplying George Washington’s troops.  I wonder if they ever used gun powder to get rid of moles? Probably better to call a Glastonbury mole exterminator than going the Caddy shack route. Stockings died in an explosion and his wife took over the mills operation until the end of the war. After the war Glastenbury was a shipbuilding town, located between the Connecticut River, oak forests and reliable waterpower. The three main shipyards launched a total of 273 ships that sailed worldwide to trade.  Right around 1780's the Town changed its name to Glastenbury. It would change the name again in 1870 when the Town  took the name of Glastonbury. There are only two towns named Glastonbury, Glastonbury England and Glastonbury Connecticut U.S.A. I know in Glastonbury mole trappers are common in England. For a Glastonbury Mole trapper CT call us.

Glastonbury mole trapping service

For mole Trapping service in Glastonbury give us a call at 860-510-6313 quotes are always free.  I can usually determine if it is mole damage from the initial phone call and never charge until traps are put in the ground. Most of my Mole traps go underground and are marked with small flags. Children and pets are safe from these types of traps unless they dig them up. Exterminating moles using traps is the most effective and environmentally friendly method to remove moles from your Yard. Get rid of moles today call RF Wildlife your local Glastonbury Mole trapper in CT.