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Wallingford Mole Trapping

Wallingford Mole trapping service

Wallingford mole trapping

For mole trapping  service call the Wallingford mole trapper 860-510-6313

RF Wildlife provides mole extermination services throughout Wallingford and nearby towns of  Cheshire and Durham. Most of the moles exterminated from Wallingford are of the common or Eastern mole variety. I do not recall removing moles of the star-nosed variety in Wallingford CT in recent memory.  Cheshire also more common to provide trapping service for common moles.  I have trapped star-nosed moles in Durham and Wallingford. Give us a call for a Free price quote on Wallingford mole trapping service. 

Mole trapping Wallingford CT

Mole trapping Wallingford CT

Wallingford mole exteterminator, Wallingford mole Trapper

Wallingford and surrounding towns

Wallingford  is located in Northern New Haven County. Bordered by Cheshire, Meriden, Middlefield, Durham, North Branford, and Hamden. I provide mole Trapping or mole extermination services for all these towns. Wallingford mole trapper is a nickname I picked up for some neighborhoods.

Toppography of Wallingford for moles

 The Quinnipiac river runs through Wallingford. With the Quinnipiac flood zones the area is a haven for Star-nosed moles who enjoy a much wetter and muddy ground for their tunneling.  When you go to higher elevations of town Eastern moles are more of an issue than star nosed moles. In Wallingford most of my mole trapping jobs are on the border of North Haven, and the border of Cheshire.   I trap the Yalesville area of town often for moles, but that area has a share of everything from Raccoons, skunks and Bat problems. I provide all of these other services in Wallingford the link will send you to my other website. I grew up in North Haven so the Quinnipiac area of town is very familiar to me the Wallingford mole trapper. I would often shoot at Blue Trail Range and every now and again still swing in to practice my shooting while checking my Wallingford mole extermination jobs.

Demographics of Wallingford

Wallingford  is home to over 45,000 Nutmegger's.  Approximately 1,100 people per square mile is the population density. I know many of the residents in town from the decade of Wallingford mole trapper service I provide and the fact I grew up in the area.  Bats and skunks also are a very common pest I deal with in Wallingford, but mole extermination is my favorite.  I usually get flooded with calls as the snow melts and the ground thaws. Even in warmer winter weather I may get a call from Wallingford for mole trapping service. 

Brief History Of Wallingford

In 1697 Wallingford was the site of the last witchcraft trial in New England. Winifred Benham was tried three times for witchcraft and acquitted all three times. Wallingford residents had more common sense than the Massachusetts residents apparently. The Town of Wallingford was created on October 10, 1667. This original plot of land near the Quinnipiac River is todays Main Street.  May 12, 1670 there were 126 people who lived in temporary housing, and five years later Wallingford had 40 permanent homes. I wonder if those early Wallingford residents had Wallingford mole trapper living within the community. Mole extermination must have been a useful skill back then.

Wallingford mole trapping service

For mole extermination  service call the Wallingford mole trapper at 860-510-6313 quotes are always free for mole trapping.  I can usually determine if it is mole damage from the initial phone call and never charge until the mole trapping service is started and traps are in the ground. Most of my Mole traps go underground and are marked with small flags. Children and pets are safe from these types of traps unless they dig them up.