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East Lyme Mole Trapping Service

East Lyme Mole trapping service

East Lyme mole trapping

For mole trapping  service in East Lyme call: 860-510-6313

RF Wildlife provides mole trapping services throughout East Lyme including Flanders and Niantic. Most of the moles exterminated from Flanders area are of the common or Eastern mole variety. I do not recall removing moles of the star-nosed variety in the Flanders section of East Lyme CT of the top of my head.  Niantic also is more common for me to remove Eastern Moles, but I recall one mole trapping service in Niantic where I did trap star-nosed moles. Give us a call for a Free price quote on East Lyme mole trapping service.

Mole trapping East Lyme CT

Mole trapping East Lyme CT

East Lyme mole exterminator

East lyme history and villages

East Lyme is located in southern New London County, west of Montville and Waterford, east of  the other two Lymes  Old Lyme and Lyme, and south of Salem CT on the coast of Long Island Sound.  East Lyme  has a total area of 42.0 square miles. 

The town consists of two villages, Flanders and Niantic.  Most people call East Lyme Niantic. Niantic is the village located on the beach side and has a higher population then the Flanders side of town. I conduct more mole trapping services in Flanders than in Niantic. Flanders is more forested and moles spend a good portion of their lives in the forest. 

Toppography of East Lyme for moles

 East Lyme consists of small hills and valleys created by glaciers during the last Ice Age. The highest point in town is Mount Pisgah with an elevation of 500 feet  located in Nehantic State Forest in the northwest corner of the town. Much of the area used to be farmland and was worked by East Lyme farmers prior to the towns inception. Farmland is perfect for moles. Many of these old farms are now the East Lyme residential areas I provide mole trapping service in.

Demographics of East Lyme

East Lyme is home to nearly 20,000 residents and the population nearly doubles like other shoreline towns I trap moles in that are on the shoreline in summer months.  Many of the permanent and residents call me to trap moles in East Lyme.  Bats and skunks also are a very common pest I deal with in town. The seasonal residents of East Lyme call first thing when they find damage to their properties. 

Brief History Of East Lyme

Thomas Lee House was built around 1660, is the oldest house in Connecticut that is still standing as it was when built.  It is  located in the southwestern area of East Lyme next to to  Rocky Neck, at the intersection of Connecticut 156 and Giants Neck Road.  The town has six homes from 1700 and earlier. I often wonder if these early East Lyme residents had Mole problems in their yards. 

The area of East Lyme was originally inhabited by the Nehantic tribe whos villages was in the present-day Indian Woods section as well as on Black Point, by the Niantic River. The tribe allied itself with the colonists in the 1636 war against the Pequot Indians. East Lyme was apart of another town I trap moles in the town of Lyme. 

East Lyme and the villages of Flanders and Niantic mole trapping service

For mole Trapping service in East Lyme give us a call at 860-510-6313 quotes are always free.  I can usually determine if it is mole damage from the initial phone call and never charge until traps are put in the ground. Most of my Mole traps go underground and are marked with small flags. Children and pets are safe from these types of traps unless they dig them up.