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Colchester Mole Exterminator

Colchester Mole Exterminator

Colchester Mole Removal

For Colchester Mole Exterminator and other pest control services call: 860-510-6313

RF Wildlife provides mole trapping services throughout Colchester and surrounding towns of Hebron, Marlborough, Salem, East Haddam,  Glastonbury  also including Cromwell. Most of the moles exterminated from the Colchester area are of the common or Eastern mole .  I have also removed moles of the less common   Marlborough mole extermination is also more commonly  Eastern Moles, but I recall one mole control service in East Haddam where I did trap star-nosed moles down by the lake. Give us a call for a Free price quote on Colchester mole exterminating service. Hire a Colchester mole trapper 860-510-6313

Colchester Mole exterminator. Two Trapped Moles in Molenator mole traps

Colchester Mole exterminator. Two Trapped Moles in Molenator mole traps

Mole trapper Colchester. Typical mole trapping setup flags show trap placement

Mole trapping Colchester trap setup

Mole trapping Colchester

Above is a picture of a typical mole trapping setup. Mole runs are coming out of the woods into the lawn. Moles will make their nests under root balls of trees, because the safety factor is higher. Underneath the tree roots the tunnel is less likely to collapse because of rain etc. Moles are capable of going under roadways, and have travel tunnels against curbs or driveways. Mole trapping in Colchester can be interesting, because on some of the mole trapping jobs have both types of Connecticut moles, especially near lake Hayward side of Colchester. 

Glastonbury Mole trapper

Besides being a Colchester mole trapper, I also trap moles in Glastonbury.

Glastonbury mole trapping

Colchester Mole Exterminator nearby towns Serviced

Colchester CT mole trapper

Mole trapper services are only one of the many pest control services I provide in town. I am often in town excluding Bats from homes Besides Colchester mole extermination.

Salem CT Mole trapper

Mole control services in Salem is very common Especially towards the Chester side of town.  Trapping Groundhogs is also a pest control Service provided besides Salem mole control.

Hebron CT Mole control

Hebron mole extermination is as common as my flying squirrel removal,  and other pest control services provided in the town of Hebron.

Marlborough Mole trapping service

Marlborough to the north of Colchester CT is another town I provide my Mole trapper services.  Skunk Trapping is another  service call I provide in the town of Marlborough CT.

East Hampton Mole Exterminator

Trapping Moles in East Hampton is why I am in town the most. East Hampton also has a share attic animal wildlife control calls. 

Colchester CT Mole Control

Colchester Mole Trapper

Colchester is a town in New London county CT west of East Hampton, north of East Haddam and Salem CT.  The Town is south of Marlborough and Hebron.  The population of Colchester is just about 17,000 Residents.  The original settlement of Colchester, was founded by J. Adams upon an area of land known as: "Jerimiah's Farm".  The land given to Jeremy, by the local native American tribes in the area. 

Colchester's early history, like that of most towns in Connecticut, centered on the church. In 1703ish, the  Court of the Colony of Connecticut ruled that the settlement could organize a church settlement known Colchester. In 1706, the first street was Made and named Town Street. Around 200 feet wide, it is now the southern end of Old Hebron Road. Part of the original town of Colchester was used to create the southern part of Marlborough in 1803. For Colchester mole Exterminator service call 860-510-6313

Colchester mole exterminator. Three moles removed from a lawn

Colchester mole exterminator. Three moles removed from a lawn