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Portland CT Mole Control

Portland Mole control CT

Portland Mole Exterminator

For Portland Mole Control and other pest control services call: 860-510-6313

RF Wildlife provides mole trapping services throughout Portland including Middletown and Cromwell. Most of the moles exterminated from the  Portland area are of the common or Eastern mole variety. I do not recall removing moles of the star-nosed variety in the Portland section of Middletown CT off the top of my head.  Cromwell pest control is also more commonly  Eastern Moles, but I recall one mole control service in Portland where I did trap star-nosed moles down by the river. Give us a call for a Free price quote on Portland mole exterminating service.

Portland Mole exterminator. Two Trapped Moles

Portland Mole exterminator. Two Trapped Moles

Portland CT and nearby towns mole trapping services

Portland CT trapper

Mole Exterminating services are only one of the many pest control services I provide in town. I am often in town trapping Woodchucks. Besides Portland mole control.

Middletown Mole trapper

Mole control services in Middletown is very common Especially towards the Durham side of town.  Trapping Groundhogs is also a pest control Service provided besides Portland mole control.

Cromwell CT Mole control

Cromwell mole extermination is as common as my bat removal services  and other pest control services provided in the local area.

Glastonbury Mole trapping service

Glastonbury to the north of Portland CT is another town I provide my Mole trapper experience. Skunk Trapping is another common service call I receive in the town of Glastonbury.

East Hampton Mole Exterminator

Trapping Moles in East Hampton is my number one job in town. East Hampton also has a share of Bat in attic and other attic animal pest control calls. 

Portland CT Mole Trapper

Portland Mole Trapper

Portland is a town in Middlesex County across the Bridge from Middletown Connecticut. According to the 2010 census 9,508 is the population number.  Portland  is situated across the Connecticut River from Middletown. Portland was at onetime known for their Brownstone quarries. The vast majority of the brownstone buildings in Connecticut  were built from the Portland CT stone.

Portland was part of Middletown and was called East Middletown. 

Portland was named a town in 1841. Its name comes from Portland England which is famous for its stone quarries. 

Before quarrying became the town's chief industry, Portland was known for its shipbuilding. The Gildersleeve village in Portland was named after the shipbuilding family the Gildersleeves.  I am sure they were more concerned with trapping Rats on their ships than mole control. Today Moles in the garden is more of a concern than other Rodents besides squirrels and groundhogs. For Portland mole control, Squirrel, Woodchuck and other pest control services call 860-510-6313 Price quotes are always free of charge.