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What attracts moles to your yard?

Why are moles attracted to your Yard?

Why are moles in my yard
mole tunnel in my yard

Moles are constantly looking for food

What attracts moles to your lawn? The main reason is moles are looking for food. Now this is when the insect companies would tell you to buy a product to kill off the food.  This does not usually work, moles diet mostly consists of earthworms. A healthy lawn needs the beneficial worms to grow lush. Killing off all bugs is not only not possible, it is more damaging than moles in yard in the long run.

Why your lawn and not your neighbors?

Moles prefer lawns that are not dry. These wetter lawns also have more insect activity. Was different topsoil brought in on your lawn vs your neighbors? Topsoil's are not equal in quality, if yours has attracted moles you have the more nutrient rich topsoil. 

Irrigation systems and moles

What attracts moles to lawns with irrigation systems? Moles seem to be attracted to lawns with irrigation systems. Many of my mole control clients call me shortly after installing an irrigation system. Irrigation systems attract moles in yard two ways. Moles are attracted to moister as we already astablished. Irrigation systems make a tunnel system underground. The installers loosen trenches to put in the pipes. Moles find it much easier to travel along these loosened up areas.

Moles on new or reseeded lawns.

What attracts moles to new or freshly seeded lawns? When you or your lawn care specialist decided to replant your lawn the first step was to rip up the ground and possibly add new topsoil. this leaves a nice layer of dirt that is softer and easy to dig into for the moles. You are constantly watering these areas to get grass growing , but also attracting insects. Moles can destroy these areas quickly. Moles in yard? give us a call.

I never had moles before why now?

If none of those top answers applies to you it could be as simple as a mole population increase in your area. Moles are territorial so young must move out and find their own territory. The faster you deal with this the better. If the moles become established in your lawn you are likely to have mole problems yearly. most of my mole clients call back yearly or every other year for me to get rid of their moles. I have had customers that called at the first sign of moles as in one tunnel and after catching that single mole has never needed my service again.

What attracts moles to my yard?
Moles are coming in from my neighbors yard.

Moles are attracted to food and moister

Moister attracts insects that moles feed on

What attracts moles? Why are moles in yard? Moles are insectivores and insects in the lawn need moister to thrive. Unfortunately many of the insects moles consume are beneficial to the ecosystem of your yard. Normally when controlling wildlife we try to remove three things one is food source. It is not possible to remove the moles food source. menu items can be eliminated and that is why grub control is one of the biggest mole control myths. When killing off grubs, it is like taking steak off the menu. The hamburgers (earth worms) are still left on the menu and moles are happy eating hamburgers.

Moister is also great for your grass and plants. This is the second thing we wildlife control people try to remove to control wildlife conflicts. Water source is usually the tougher of the big three to remove from the equation. Removing the moister will kill the lawn. Not possible at all to remove moister in a lawn.

Safety factor is number three in wildlife removal. Animals are all about risk and reward. a raccoon will scale the side of a four story building nightly so her kits can be safe in an attic. With moles they will tunnel under driveways sidewalks and so on to make their dens. These areas are least likely to collapse killing her pups as she is out feeding in your lawn. Unlike with a raccoon were we can seal off her entry point nothing can be done about moles coming into a yard.  I have seen homeowners try by putting fencing 2-3ft  underground all the way around their property. the moles dig underneath. I could have trapped his moles for a decade for the price he paid for the ineffective fence system.

Other yard damaging animals

On my other site I list seven of the most common yard damaging animals in the state of Connecticut, and the usual damage they cause. Take a look maybe moles are not your real lawn nemesis.

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